DefineMe On-the-Go Perfume Mist

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Perfume that goes wherever YOU go! Organically made with natural and essential oils, VEGAN and cruelty free! Travel size with fine mist applicator. Apply your perfume liberally to your pulse points, like your wrists, your neck, and behind your ears. 9 ml | 0.3 oz.

Audry is a bright, fresh, floral scent that is meant to inspire self-love and a feeling of well-being. 

Swell: Peony + Pink Rose.
Crest: Jasmine + Magnolia Blossom.
Break: Atlas Cedar + Sandalwood. 

Clara is a soft, floral, fresh scent that is meant to inspire a sense of gratitude and grace.

Swell: Blue Violet + Lily. 
Crest: Hibiscus + Lilac. 
Break: Powder + Oak Moss.

Delphine is a beautifully floral, bright, mesmerizing scent that is meant to inspire creativity and imagination.

Swell: Lilac + Gardenia. 
Crest: Ylang Ylang + Freesia. 
Break: Coconut + Rosewood.

Harper is a fresh scent with a beautiful balance of sweetness and spice, and it's meant to inspire wanderlust and living with a sense of adventure.

Swell: Pink Grapefruit + Neroli. 
Crest: Bergamot + Honey. 
Break: Cedar Wood + Amber. 

Kahana is an ethereal, calming, and beachy scent that is meant to inspire relaxation, mindfulness, and a feeling of being transported to a tranquil place.

Swell: Hibiscus + Delicate Pink Pepper.
Crest: Coconut Water + White Orchid.
Break: Santal + Soft Blonde Woods.

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